Here are four stories.  They paint different pictures of the future for the Saint Paul Public Library.  These stories are neither proposals nor hopes nor budget plans.  Deliberately, they illustrate sharp contrasts.  Each is an imaginative scenario at the outer edge of where certain driving forces might take us.

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Driving forces influencing the future

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We are interested in your reaction to these four stories.  What do you like? What do you dislike?  Are there elements that you would welcome in the future?  Are there elements you would dread?  Is there a difference between which stories appeal to you as an individual and which would be most important for the City?

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Story 1: The Community Forum

  • The library’s focus is building knowledge through face-to-face exchange.
  • Library buildings are centers of community life and learning.
  • Each library – and its services – reflects the uniqueness of its residents and neighborhood
  • The library is a gathering place.

Story 2: The New Learning Network

  • The library is one partner in a new, seamless education system in the city.
  • Learning is focused on skills and knowledge necessary for Saint’s Paul continued vitality.
  • Library services are delivered in library buildings, community facilities, mobile labs, and on-line.
  • The Library is a 21st century “school” for all ages.

Story 3: The Technology Commons

  • Education, entrepreneurship, creative work, and daily life depend on technology access and literacy.
  • The library provides instruction and support to individuals and groups.
  • Library buildings make diverse types of standard and emerging technology available equitably throughout the city.
  • The library is a technology and digital literacy lab.

Story 4: The Mobile App

  • Consumers of information and learning expect convenience and easy, 24/7 access.
  • The library provides a community information portal for Saint Paul.
  • With no library buildings, staff services and material are delivered at more locations throughout the city.
  • The library is virtual and mobile.